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ASPS™ Sash Operator
The Automatic Sash Positioning System is a sash closer for any vertically rising fume hood sash.
ASPS™ Details
ASPS-SS-AP Specification
ASPS-SS-M Specification
ASPS™ Cost Savings Solution
ASPS™ Energy Savings
NFPA-45: UBC vs. ASPS™
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Fume Hoods
New-Tech™ Fume Hoods are designed around your equipment to maximizes safety and minimize cost.
Bench Top Fume Hoods
Horizontal Sash Fume Hoods
Vertical Sash Fume Hoods
Ventilated Enclosures
Custom Fume Hood Specification
Down Draft Tables
The Down Draft Tables pull gases and particulate down, maximizing containment while minimizing airflow.
Fume & Vapor Down Draft Table
Particulate Down Draft Table
Down Draft Table Pictures
Slot Exhausters
The Slot Exhauster is ideal when containing odoriferous or low hazardous material.
Table Top Slot Exhauster
Floor Mount Slot Exhauster
Slot Exhauster Details
Slot Exhauster Pictures
Laboratory Custom Equipment
Laboratory custom means New-Tech™ innovation, see some of our work.
Fan Platform Assembly Pictures
Spray Chamber Pictures
Spot Exhauster Information
Hood Cart Pictures
Mixer Pictures
Paper Cutter Pictures
Vent Box Pictures
Miscellaneous Custom Pictures
New-Tech's Satisfied Customer List
Full reference contact information is available upon request:
In order to honor the privacy of the clients, we ask that you contact us first.  Your product request will be matched to a previous customer who is operating the same or similar New-Tech™ product and who's representative authorizes consent for contact.
3M Austin Center
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
Abbott Labs
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
Applied BioSystems
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems, Custom Fume Hoods, Fume Hoods, VAV Controls, Custom Spray Chamber
Boston University
Down Draft Tables
Central Michigan University
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems, Fume Hoods, Casework and TSI VAV Controls
Slot Exhausters and Down Draft Tables
Colorado State University – Pueblo Campus
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
CPI Engineering
Fume Hoods, Casework, Slot Exhausters, Fan Assemblies and Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
Cree, Inc.
Down Draft Tables
Delta College
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems and VAV Controls
The Dow Chemical Company
Fume Hoods, Casework, Fan Assemblies, Custom Fume Hoods and Enclosures, Mixers, Paper Cutter and Automatic Sash Positioning Systems (multiple locations) spot exhausters, slot exhausters, downdraft tables
Dow Corning
Fume Hoods, Casework, Downdraft Tables, Automatic Sash Positioning Systems and Custom Walk-In Fume Hoods (multiple locations) fan assemblies, spot exhausters
Fume Hoods and Slot Exhausters
Federal Express
Slot Exhauster with Table Assembly
GB Biosciences
HEPA Down Draft Tables
Glaxo, Smith & Klein
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems and Down Draft Tables
Hemlock Semi Conductor
Fume Hoods, Casework, Down Draft Tables, Automatic Sash Positioning Systems and Custom Walk-In Fume Hoods
Hemlock Medical
Fume Hoods, Casework, Down Draft Tables, Automatic Sash Positioning Systems and Custom Walk-In Fume Hoods
Iomega Corporation
Fume Hood with Automatic Sash Positioning System
Johnson Mathey
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
Midland Materials Research
Fume Hoods, Casework and Fan Assemblies
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
Down Draft Tables
PCS Phosphate
Fume Hoods and Automatic Sash Positioning Systems, Snorkels and Fan Assemblies
Downdraft Tables and Custom Slot Exhauster
Remington Arms
Custom Explosion Proof Fume Hood, Perchloric Hood
Safety Ecology (Subcontractor for EPA Superfund Cleanup)
HEPA Filtered Down Draft Table
Sandia Labs
Custom Walk-In Fume Hood - VAV Controls
Savant, Inc.
Exhaust Fan Assemblies, Down Draft Table, Automatic Sash Positioning System and Casework
SC Johnson & Son, Inc.
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
Texas A&M
Slot Exhausters, Snorkels and Downdraft Tables
Thomason Consumer Electronics
Down Draft Table
TI Automotive
Fume Hoods and Cabinets
United States Gypsum (Multiple Locations)
Fume Hood Assemblies, Casework and Fan Assemblies
University Of California
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
University Of Oregon
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
University Of Texas – MD Anderson Cancer Center
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
U. S. Army Redstone Arsenal
Custom Walk-In Fume Hoods exhaust fan assembly and VAV Controls
US Dept of Energy – Pacific NW National Labs
Automatic Sash Positioning Systems
Walt Disney World
Down Draft Tables
Waters Corporation
Slot Exhausters, Fume Hood, Casework
Down Draft Table
Wyeth Research
Automatic Sash Positioning System